New Individual $35  Senior $45
Renew Household $55 Donor $80
  Naturalist $100 Zoo-Gooder $250
  Animal Enthusiast $500 Rare Bird $1000

Note: Naturalist, Zoo-Gooder, Animal Enthusiast, and Rare Bird members are eligible to participate in our A.D.O.P.T. (Animals Depend On People Too) Program. Please select the name of the animal you want to adopt from the appropriate A.D.O.P.T. list at the right.

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What is CVV

The Brandywine Zoo is managed by the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation with the support of the Delaware Zoological Society. Members, Naturalist and above, may choose any animal from the list that corresponds with level of membership.

Adoptions of specific animals may be altered or exchanged at the discretion of the Brandywine Zoo without notice.